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Account Validation / Proof Of Address / Server Location / IP Address

02-09-2014, 16:44
No, I registered in Ireland website and got an email regarding to to send documents specified to, anyway it doesn't matter now, Since I was in a hurry I am now using another service provider.

02-09-2014, 10:53

Is your account registered with our Canadian OVH team?

If this is the case, you would need to contact OVH CA.


01-09-2014, 23:30
Yes, this is my NIC handle. Even I have emails from you with this ID in the subject !

01-09-2014, 11:06

The account ab55753-sy​s doesn't appear to exist. Can you confirm this is the correct NIC account? Once I have located your account I will look to get your account validated.

The proof of address would need to be from something tangible, do you not have any documents at all? As for the websites it wouldn't be a proof of address as this information on the website can be created easily.

The server will be located in France however it is not possible to specify the location of France. On OVH servers there is this option.

The first 16 IP will be free on your server. You would only pay the one off setup fee for the IP, afterwards when you renew your server, the IP will be automatically renewed also. For the 17th IP you would pay the monthly subscription of 2.03/month/IP.

In your case you can obtain your /28 and you would only pay the setup fee only. Any IP beyond the /28 will be charged on a monthly basis.


31-08-2014, 23:52

It has been 4 days that I sent you my IDs and stuff for validation, my NIC handle is ab55753-sy​s, I also resent an email to but still no reply ! Is this normal ? I mean is it really takes this long to validate an account ?

Second thing is we actually do not have any utility bill or bank statement which it mentions my address in it but there are lots of Swedish websites which you can find my address inside that So are they acceptable ?

Third thing is that is it possible to choose my server place in France ? I want to setup it in RBX location because the latency and BW test result are way more better that other 2 sites

Fourth and last thing is the IP address block ! I am so confused about it, in some pages it says they are free in another pages it says they are failover etc. etc. I want /28 subnet block for my server, is it free or do I have to pay 2Euro each in the setup procedure or do I have to pay monthly fee ?

Kind Regards