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Sp 64+ 2013

07-09-2014, 23:55
As I can see, EG 64 is same as SP 64+, and u have it, but normaly, price is 140 eur... and SP64+ u don't have, even they are almost same configuration (only hdd diference).

04-09-2014, 14:23
I'm checking evry day for few times, do u have any idea on what date it will be avalible ?

04-09-2014, 11:44

It has been available, please keep checking the website to see when the stock is available.

03-09-2014, 22:18

I'm looking for days to order SP 64+ 2013, and it's still not avalible. (I think from first day it's not avalible)
Why did u put it in sale in first place if there is no order button. when it will be avalible ?