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04-09-2014, 15:30

I have recently acquired a SP-64 server with ESXi on and have started added some virtual machines to it. My set up is a pfSense firewall with VMs behind it with their own services on (such as web, mail, irc etc) but i am struggling to get IPv6 working properly.

With IPv4 configuration i have set the virtual mac of the pfsense VM and added the gateway etc and that works fine. All of the VMs have IPv4 connectivity without any issues. As for IPv6, i have added a new IPv6 address to the WAN NIC and added the correct gateway. The pfsense box now has IPv6 connectivity.

The part I am struggling with is setting up the other VMs. I am not sure what settings to configure on pfsense or on the clients. I have tried following several different tutorials but none of them give internet connectivity to the clients. Most tutorials state to add a similar IPv6 address to the LAN NIC with another /64 subnet (i'm assuming the WAN should be /64 too, please correct me if i'm wrong) and to enable DHCPv6 and set router advertisements to assisted. Is this correct for OVH's setup?

Are there any proper guides for setting up IPv6 with pfSense (or any other firewall package) on OVH as i would like to get v6 working soon.