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Block of IP Failover

04-09-2014, 15:33
This question gets asked a lot, but having gone through everything I've been unable to find anything definitive for my setup, but have instead tried to take what I knew from them and work it out, to some degree of success.

Instead of getting an email two or three times a day, I now only get one every other day, but I still can't run the risk of using this server yet with the possibility of the server getting it's IPs blocked. It seems to be coming in from ONLY the IP Aliased addresses, and not the main PFSense IP, and never from the mainserver itself.

So my setup:
- ESXi
- Pfsense VM acting as main firewall
- Many VMs running behind the main Pfsense using IP Alias and NAT 1:1
- All failover IP Macs allocated to the mac address of the Pfsense server

ESXi is setup with the following (I believe this was set as default)
IP : 94.23.x.113
Subnet :
GW : 94.23.x.254

Pfsense Main WAN IP
IP : 92.222.x.207
Netmask : 0xffffffff (
GW : Custom shell commands, since PfSense doesn't like GW outside the subnet.
"route add -net 94.23.x.254/32 -iface em0"
"route add default 94.23.x.254"
- IP Alias
-- IP : 92.222.x.206
-- Netmask : 0xffffffff (
-- Broadcast : 92.222.x.206
-- IP : 92.222.x.205
-- Netmask : 0xffffffff (
-- Broadcast : 92.222.x.205
-- ETC

Heres a copy of the netstat -nr of my Pfsense
Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire
default            92.222.x.207       US          0 12944044    em0      link#2             U           0 11531031    em1       link#8             UH          0     5103 pptpd0       link#8             UHS         0        0    lo0
92.222.x.205       link#1             UHS         0        0    lo0 =>
92.222.x.205/32    link#1             U           0        0    em0
92.222.x.206       link#1             UHS         0        0    lo0 =>
92.222.x.206/32    link#1             U           0        0    em0
92.222.x.207       link#1             UHS         0  1121306    lo0 =>
92.222.x.207/32    link#1             U           0        0    em0
94.23.x.254/32     00:50:56:06:xx:xx  US          0        0    em0          link#5             UH          0     7667    lo0