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ms218700-ovh, a week without validation

09-09-2014, 09:18
rv9fuz, your server was delivered last night.

08-09-2014, 19:08
Thank you.
But could you please check also whether the order #30842963 is fully processed?
The fact is that I did not receive any emails with the server's access details, but the server has appeared in the control panel, so I'm able to reboot it into the rescue, install OS, etc., meanwhile shows:
"Your order was paid on 07/09/2014 a 23:18:26 - Your order is in progress"

So, if I install the system now, could it happen that the system will be reinstalled by the OVH employees?

Daniel OVH
04-09-2014, 17:56
Your account has been validated + VAT removed

04-09-2014, 16:43
Hi, could you please validate the specified account?
I sent all the requested documents (passport (page 1,2), utility bill) on Aug. 28.