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Waited 2-3 days for <vps setup>

06-09-2014, 13:57
Ive waited for 3 days now to get my vps activated but its not even Validated yet. Wake up OVH support and help your customers... First of all i purched on on uk site and had to wait a day for response. After someone finally replies me i have to send my passport, when i send my passport i have to wait more, After i waited alot a guy came and told me i cant have my services on UK Site, i have to head over to .ie, He told me i was refunded (Even if i wasnt, and want to be that) so i made a order on .ie site and waited for AGES it feels, and it isnt even validated, please waaaaake up now, whats so hard, whats so wrong, whats so whaaaaat, i cant get it i paid for stuff i dont get, and even worse when this one really is validated i paid DOUBLE for nothing, Or hopefully i paid double for one machine with worst support and ages of deelays. Srsly,