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Modification of MX record and A record - Problem with receiving emails.

08-09-2014, 16:32
Hi everyone. I hope someone can have some clues for me as I tried to solve the following situation by myself with no result so far.

I bought my domain name with OVH and created my website using Squarespace which already includes hosting. So OVH doesn't allow me to create email addresses (which is normal as I do not pay hosting with OVH). Unfortunately Squarespace doesn t allow creating email addresses neither. SO I would like to get my emails hosted by Just Host as I already have an account with them. I could simply modify the DNS but in order to have my squarespace website working I need to keep the original DNS settings from OVH. SO i need to have ONLY my email managed by just host.

To do so I added an A record pointing my mail and mail2 to the Just Host IP address ( And I also created an A record pointing to my mail server on Just Host (mail.ubi-quest.com). Now I can send emails but I can't receive any.

Here is the detail I can see now on my cpanel on OVH. Can anyone see what I did wrong?

ubi-quest.com NS ns200.anycast.me
.ubi-quest.com NS dns200.anycast.me
mail.ubi-quest.com MX 10 mail.ubi-quest.com
ubi-quest.com A
www.ubi-quest.com CNAME ext.squarespace.com
_autodiscover._tcp.ubi-quest.com SRV 0 0 443 mailconfig.ovh.net
_imaps._tcp.ubi-quest.com SRV 0 0 993 ssl0.ovh.net
_submission._tcp.ubi-quest.com SRV 0 0 465 ssl0.ovh.net
mail.ubi-quest.com A
mail2.ubi-quest.com A

autoconfig.ubi-quest.com CNAME mailconfig.ovh.net
ftp.ubi-quest.com CNAME ubi-quest.com
imap.ubi-quest.com CNAME ssl0.ovh.net
pop3.ubi-quest.com CNAME ssl0.ovh.net
smtp.ubi-quest.com CNAME ssl0.ovh.net

I tried to contact OVH support several times and never got any reply from them (in 4 days!).
If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.