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DNS with VPS

13-09-2014, 00:02
Forget all that. The penny dropped shortly after I posted it and now I have it all working as I intended. More simple than I had thought! :-)

12-09-2014, 14:42
Hello all,

This topic has probably been covered many times here on the OVH forum, and so sorry if you'll be repeating yourself...

I'm new to VPS and have recently set-up both a DNS server and a web server on my Windows VPS, with the intention of hosting multiple sites.

I have a number of registered domains which I would like to point to various sites hosted on my VPS.

I'm fairly familiar with IIS (having set-up many local sites (most of which are sub-domains) of which I can access by visiting the actual URL)

I am however less familiar with DNS. I have 1 fixed IP - do I need 2 (for dns1 dns2)?

I THINK I have my head around it enough. I've set-up a forward look-up for one of my domains, with a few host records. Am I right in thinking that when I create a new site in IIS, I would simply put in the 'host' (domain) that I wish to couple it with?

I'm used to mapping localhost to an actual URL with the hosts file - I guess the hosts file plays no role in how I'd like to configure my DNS?

One last thing - I read somewhere that it's not a good idea to host both a DNS and a web server on the same sever - is this correct?

The stuff I'll be hosting is nothing major - primarily very low traffic personal site/portfolio type stuff, as well as my bands website.

Thanks in advance for your help!