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17-09-2014, 16:41
Ok but I didn't have time to wait for the VAT removal.

I don't need a refund but if you can remove VAT on order 30997393(server) and 30997501(windows license) so I don't need to pay VAT next month, that would be nice.


Daniel OVH
17-09-2014, 09:20
Its validated, VAT removal can take a few more days

16-09-2014, 18:20
Ok. Hopefully they remove the VAT soon.

16-09-2014, 13:51
I don't think the setup times are guaranteed, but they definitely seem to prioritise OVH over SYS and Kimsufi (which isn't surprising). If your accounts validated you're very likely to receive it within the time slot estimated, I always have, in some cases it's been a lot quicker.

16-09-2014, 13:29
Hello, I am interested in ordering the SP-64(120sec setup) with 160 GB SSD(72hrs setup) is it guaranteed that I will get the server within 72 hours?

Can you also check if pa203848-ovh is validated? if it is, please remove VAT.