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SP vs. EG

17-09-2014, 11:57
I think they're pretty much the same except from less RAM on the Infrastructure, however with Infrastrucutre you get the vRack included for free, I've also noticed you get 3TB Drives (instead of 2TBs) and 300GB SSDS (rather than 240GB) as well.

You can pretty much use any range for what you want.

17-09-2014, 05:46
Hello, do anyone know what the big difference between the EG range and the SP range is?

INFRASTRUCTURE(EG) - vRack included

But when I take a look at the hardware everything looks just the same. Do anyone know if the servers are the same? (cpu speed, ram etc.)

Also, can I use the "Infrastructure(EG)" the same way as SP? I need the server ASAP and SP has longer setup time.

^ Are those the same except for less RAM on EG + vCard and more RAM on SP?