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When my order will be active ? Order Number: 30950916

30-09-2014, 23:43
What about refund VAT ? I'm Still Waiting VAT....

19-09-2014, 13:14

Your server was delivered this morning.

18-09-2014, 18:17
120 second when i ordered show. i think 120 second will be much than 120 hour.

Daniel OVH
18-09-2014, 10:48
The server is not in stock at the moment, so it could be a few more days.

How long did it state for delivery on the site when you ordered?

17-09-2014, 18:32
My user ID : pg88347-sys
Order Number: 30950916

when i'm bought E3-SSD-3 wrote 120 second be ready. How Long Should I Wait ?

For 1 Year: 480 Euro + VAT (110 Euro) = 590,40 Euro but taked my credit card 600,40 Euro.. (10 Euro Much)
I'm a Turkey citizen (Except EU) I'm waiting refund VAT.

Please support....