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Random and unknown invoices from OVH

18-09-2014, 10:56
Hi Alex

I have checked and the last invoice that was generated was 30/07/2014 and this was for the period 01/06/2014 to 30/06/2014.

18-09-2014, 09:12
Paid, Ref Number: 31031412

18-09-2014, 09:04
Thank you for your update of invoice now it's visible the service (for IP on kimsufi), but I have already paid last month for these dates:
Use of IP or IP block from 01/07/2014 to 31/07/2014

As some kind of Invoice appeared exactly the same way without any description.

18-09-2014, 00:48
Hi all,

For some reason I am getting random invoices from OVH from OVH account, example: Invoice GB252098 for some kind of "Order 31012776" and cost 23.46 for unknown service as it's not described anywhere and all dedicated servers are paid on time without any delay.

Could someone explain why I do get charges? I am not retarded to pay for invoice which only state - Order 31012776 as I never ordered anything and it's not proper description of invoice.