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Issue with kimsufi

Daniel OVH
22-09-2014, 11:33

A mail was sent to your hotmail account asking you to send in some documents. Did you send these in? and if so to which address?

22-09-2014, 11:19
Our KS team should get back to you shortly.

20-09-2014, 22:09
wow is really ovh like this? bull**** support doesnt matter which kind ovh or kimsufi or dat 3rd one, no fuc*ing answer for 1+ week

19-09-2014, 15:36

I know that this forum isnt for kimsufi, but since they never respond to my thread there i try my luck here. So the thing is i want refund on
order ID:30927633‏ , since i never got it. Is there any way anyone one of you could contact them or something? Im getting really tired of this customer support already :/