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Turn around time on Failover IP order

24-09-2014, 09:41
Resolved. This delay was user error on behalf. Didn't realize that the new orders didn't get processed with payment method previous setup with the servers. The orders then expired and I have since processed new orders, made payment and received the IP addresses.

22-09-2014, 11:42
it could be an issue with the acceptance of the order, in case our system has flagged your order for security reasons. Once the order is accepted, it tends to be a matter of minutes, unless there is a shortage of IPs from a particular country (quite rare so far).

do give us your order number, if you want us to check what's your case.

22-09-2014, 02:05
Still no Failover IP's. Emailed support yesterday.

21-09-2014, 01:04
I have always got my IP's within 24 hours, normally even quicker than that.

20-09-2014, 19:21
That problem can occur on that how fast did u order them.
I had that problem few months ago, I ordered and payd 5 ip-s, and never got them, SYS support jsut told me they are ordered too fast, so system could not register it. (also told me I will get ips, but I never did, so I cancled server).
So contact support about that, or just wait..

20-09-2014, 12:58
Usually quite quick but apparently OVH are short of IPs at the moment, more than likely they'll be prioritising delivering IPs to OVH customers rather than SYS.

20-09-2014, 08:05
Does anyone know the turn around time on orders for Failover IP?

I have three separate orders for three single failover ip addresses.

Orders placed 18/09/2014 16:59:36 GMT+0200