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IP's Wont Work

21-09-2014, 01:11
Just make sure the IP's have already been assigned to your machine, I hear OVH are short of IP's, so the IP's may not be on your machine yet.

20-09-2014, 23:49
Anyone any ideas why my IP's ive ordered wont work?

im running Esxi 5.5.0 with 7 VM's running fine.

I ordered a further 16 IP's and when i try install a Debian VM or any other VM seems ive no network to the new VM

- Im entering all the correct details as to :
- ive tried several of the New IP's and 1 of my old IP's and nothing works.
- ive remade the MAC addresses several times to.
- There not disabled in the firewall like the original blocks of IP's i ordered where
- im no stranger to installing the VM's under ESXi and i have checked double checked and triple checked the details i enter are correct.

I have sent in a support ticket to OVH but seems be a waiting game over the weekend.
Im wondering if anyone has any ideas i can try wile waiting.

Best Regards