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Network Issues [ Multiple Servers]

21-09-2014, 18:11
Have you tried running the rescue mode network test to see what sort of results you get from that?

21-09-2014, 00:51
Hey All,

I have been on SYS for some time now, without any noticeable issues, however some of my clients flagged to me that their connection was very slow. Thinking that we had 250 both ways I didnt think it could be a issue, until I had my network manager run speed tests, and they all came back under 50mbps...

Now I understand this could have been a peak time, and that the connection could be slow, but 1/5th of the guaranteed speed? That is beyond a joke, happening on both of my machines to every location we could test world wide, including to each other...

I emailed support about 2 weeks ago with no response, and the phone support told me to send an email and wouldn't help, so I have resorted to seeing if anyone has had this issue and any guesses on how to resolve it.

Thanks All!