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After payment was not built in a dedicated

21-09-2014, 16:37
I affirm my account has been a long time . 2 dedicated my son is writing . I have one dedicated CUSTOM

21-09-2014, 16:14
Did you sent your documents to verify your account ??
if not you have to sent your documents to validate your account !! I'm still waiting for validation
you have to include your SYS username provided on the invoice

21-09-2014, 14:07
So you start - 32G E3-1245V2 SoftRAID 2x2tb Server - 1 month, I gave the order. Never pay with Paypal pending payment .paypal writes. Why I'm a Dedicated Server is not established.

Number: 31044507

incoming mail ...

Dear Sir / Madam,

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We confirm the receipt of your payment Corresponding to
order number 31044507

Your order will be promptly verified by our team.

We would like to thank you for Choosing OVH.

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Have the product in stock.

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