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SYS-IP-4S and Harware RAID

22-09-2014, 12:00
unfortunately, the models are fixed and not configurable. This allows us to build them quicker and without the intervention from an engineers, which makes them cheaper, which most of the customers seem happy to adapt to the ranges available in exchange of cheaper prices.

so do check the models available and choose the one that suits your needs better.

22-09-2014, 11:46
Yes, thanks. Is there any way to order let's say SYS-IP-4S with 3 disks?

22-09-2014, 11:37
for servers with 2 disks, the default RAID configuration, either software raid or hardware, is RAID-1. When the model comes with 3 drives, the default RAID configuration will be RAID-5.

Hope that answer your questions.

22-09-2014, 10:56

I have ordered SYS-IP-4S recently and I'm still waiting for my server. In the meantime I read a few OVH forum threads regarding to RAID controllers and I want to clarify one moment. RAID 5 presumes at least 3 disks in its array but according to the info on your site I'll get only 2x600Gb SAS. I'm planning to install Citrix preinstalled environment. Can you clarify which final disk size I'll get? 2x600GB RAID 5 means: 1200GB in total + 3rd disk or?