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Confused about where to go for support and issues reinstalling server OS

23-09-2014, 01:36
It's not possible, they will refund u money and u should order then on .ie website.
At least it was like that when i made same mistake 10 months ago.

23-09-2014, 01:13
Thanks for the fast response. I've reported my issue to your international office.

Is there any way to move my account from an FR one to an .ie International account?

If not can I sign up there and then move my server over to the new account as getting all emails in French, while not too bad, still would prefer to be signed up and running from the correct place.


22-09-2014, 19:14
if you're France-based customer, you will need to contact the support there:

If you're not based in France, even though having ordered there, you can contact our international office:

they'll be able to help you.

if you're what we call an "international customer" (i.e. not based in any of the countries we have an office on), then you can order at for support in English.


22-09-2014, 12:22

I am a SoYouStart customer which I signed up on the French site and I'm unsure where I need to go for english support, so if anyone knows.

I am having an issue with my new server at the moment that whenever I do a Reinstall of the server's OS it fails and an intervention is made which a technician has to go and fix which adds a hour to two hour delay onto each reinstall. I just wanted to report it and follow up on it but again not sure where I should be posting/reporting this too for my French account.