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Ordered and Not Coming

23-09-2014, 14:22
Dear Customer,

I just checked your email and the documents for your validation have been send to the relevant person who will validate your account as soon as possible.

You can create a new order once your account has been validated.

23-09-2014, 13:42
So, get validated before you order?

23-09-2014, 03:11
Because when i order a dedicated server i get email about:
"To order, please send the following two documents to by quoting your nichandle: ns36734-ovh"
I send the document and after 24 hour get this message:
"Your order is no longer valid
The validity date of your purchase order has been exceeded. You can start your order again by using: "

22-09-2014, 23:44
Third order ?
why the hell third order ?
First u need to get your account validated, adn that can take about 2 weeks or more.
after that u need to they install your server, it can be within few hours or days.. it all depends, as OVH do not guarantees setup time.

22-09-2014, 21:36
Dear Support!

I was ordered a dedicated server but not coming.
I get a email about "Your user account has not yet been validated".
The photo of my id card and utility bill is sent to "" and nothing happened.

This is my third order in the last 5 days !

What can i do ?

( ns36734-ovh )