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server losing gateway and powering off on reboot

25-09-2014, 02:54
I now have this fixed. I ended up connecting via the kvm, removing the network adapter from device manager, then rebooting and allowing windows to reinstall it.

Since then, the interface has remembered the gateway settings between reboots.

24-09-2014, 01:45
I'm having 2 rather major issues with my server.

The first is that on rebooting it, it usually powers off rather than reboots. It will go through shutdown, then not come back online.

On connecting via the kvm, it will appear to be powered off. Clicking set power on will not have any effect...only clicking the reboot button in the manager to perform a power cycle will get it to boot again. I believe that may be a hardware issue, so if need be, i'll open a ticket regarding it.

However, that brings me to the other issue which may make fixing the first issue a major pain for me, since the server could be down for an extended period following any hardware replacement, and this machine hosts my dns.

I tried installing websitepanel earlier, but then removed it. However, the user folders were still there, and I could not remove them as windows said files in them were in use.

I ended up booting into safe mode to remove the user folders. On rebooting normally, the machine came back up, but had no network connection, and kept resetting itself. I sorted the constant resets by disabling the watchdog timer in the bios.

However, on booting windows, the gateway is missing. On re-entering the gatway, network connectivity was restored.

It now loses the gateway on every reboot.

I've tried booting into safe mode to rule out software conflicts, but the issue persists.

On looking online for fixes, it was recommended to completely reset the network interface by running netsh int ip reset, followed by a reboot.

I tried this followed by re-entering the ip information, but it again lost the gateway upon reboot.

This is currently quite a major issue due to the reboot problem.

If I report the reboot issue, and ovh need to replace hardware, thus needing to reboot the machine, then DNS for my domain could be down for an extended period til I get to a computer to re-enter the gateway ip.

As much as I could move my dns elsewhere til these issues are fixed, I want to avoid doing that, mainly due to the propgation time for the nameserver changes.

Does anyone have any idea on how to stop windows losing the gateway information?

Screenshot of network settings after rebooting: