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When my order will be active ? Order Number: 31019910

25-09-2014, 15:27

I sent documentation last Friday to like the email requested. The individual on the phone Tuesday said he found the information and the server would be setup Tuesday evening.

Daniel OVH
25-09-2014, 11:12
You were asked to send in some documents, did you send them? (and if so, to which address?)

25-09-2014, 04:39
Order Number: 31019910

I ordered a 16G E3-1225v2 SoftRaid 2x2TB on 9/17 and it is still not delivered. I spoke to someone on the phone 2 days ago and they said it would be online that day.

I have filled out the contact form twice.

Your order was paid on 17/09/2014 a 22:46:27 - Your order is in progress
Please help?