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can't install my new server after delivery !!!

26-09-2014, 12:00
please change this server Neil , it goes down when I tried any action
for example when I tried create a virtual host with VirtualMiin it goes down,

I saw that they have finished now and changed the motherboard
Here are the details of this operation:
Motherboard replacement
Date 2014-09-26 11:03:44, sylvain.gallard made Motherboard replacement:
Server find off.

HS motherboard and Alimentation

Replacing the motherboard and Alimentation.
Cpu cooling checked.
Updating the MAC address for DHCP.
Server restart.

DHCP OK. Boot OK. Server on login screen. Ping OK, services started.
I will make a try , hope it will be better

26-09-2014, 11:46
Your server issues have been resolved and it is online again.

Edit: I can see it has gone down again and someone is working on the server right now.

26-09-2014, 10:43
I think there's not support here !!
this is ridiculous

26-09-2014, 01:31
Perhaps faulty hardware is your problems.

26-09-2014, 00:29
Server down again and have been rebooted !!

Here are the details of this operation:
HARD Reboot
Date 2014-09-26 00:23:02, remi.lorthios made HARD Reboot:
Here are the details of the operation performed:
No information on the screen ("black screen"). No response to keyboard.
don't think this is normal

25-09-2014, 22:02
So !!
this server is not stable !! don't know how to move my websites to it !!
I was planing make two KVM VPS with 12GB RAM but I thought that proxmox is not working with it ,
I tried after hard tries to re-install Debian and installed Cloudmin Xen also can't run due to the kernel can't be changed !! and get down again
after some hard tries again I reinstalled it again with debian virtualmin !! after setting up the post installation wizard of VirtualMin the server goes down again
and when trying reboot it fails , the only option if it fails is just can re-install
can't use raid 0 , also can't use KVM from proxmox or cloudmin , also can't use VirtualMin . All OS going down and can't be pinged after some minutes of re-installing !!
this is not good at all

25-09-2014, 19:11
I just receive an Installation message with a new password after logging to proxmox panel
https://IP.Address:8006/ the connection have been lost again !!

please let me know what's happening for this server and please help, I can't use this server
or please change my server to another one !! I haven't use the server till now !!

25-09-2014, 18:32
Now Can't reboot, can't Re-isntall , no action can be taken

25-09-2014, 16:56
seems to be fixed

!!! Edit for Update !!!

after installing Proxmox, I ordered FO IP but the connection for the server have been lost, I tried to reboot from Control Panel after some minutes give me message that's some error and can't reboot !!

25-09-2014, 15:59
I just delivered my server E3-SSD-3 (GRA1 - Rack: G111A13 - Server ID: 229185)
I tried to re-install the server but the operation failed and the server can't be rebooted to the refresh system for a long time so I tried to go with rescue and the pop up message asked me to reboot the server so I tried but this message pop up appears
An intervention is being carried out on this server, at the moment you can't perform a hard reboot yourself
and no message for the root password delivered !!
I got an email (Defect on server) this is for monitoring and after while I received another one after the check
Server check
Date 2014-09-25 15:31:22, sylvain.gallard made Server check:
Serveur find off
Start Serveur

Services up
Ping ok
Serveur on login
but I haven't any password for root , I tried to reboot or re-install (but) all actions get an error !!
An intervention is being carried out on this server.........
I need help please !!