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Unable to order SYS servers. "1 Error Nic existant invalide.."

26-09-2014, 03:12

My SYS nic-handle is #as118175-sys.

I would like to order a server from SoYouStart, but unable to. Here's what's happening:
1. I Add a server (I've tried multiple models) from the Essential Range to my shopping cart.

2. Select the billing method (I tried either Standard or Staggered).

3. Confirm DataCenter location (France, 120 seconds deployment).

4. At the "Preview of your order" page, I click continue.

5. Then I get different pages at different times:

  • Sometimes it's this page: , and I can't click on continue.
  • And sometimes it's this page: , and I can't get past the login.
    It simply throws the error as seen in the screenshot again and again:
    1 Error
    Nic Existant invalide: #as118175-sys

6. I've tried placing an order with three different browsers: Chrome v37.0.2062.124 m , Firefox v32.0.3 and Internet Explorer v11.0.12 .
I've also tried clearing Cookies, Browser cache and disabled Add/Pop-up Blockers.

7. I am able to access my Control Panel at SYS ( without a problem which leads me to believe that something else got messed up with my SYS account.

It would be appreciated if the SYS staff could help resolve my issue.

Thank you.