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Your order is in progress since 22/09/2014 and nothing happen

30-09-2014, 12:35

The cancellation has been taken care of, I apologise for the delay.

30-09-2014, 02:01
8 day waiting to setup server and nothing happen i''m really disappointed !! i send email to support for cancellation my order and refund my money ,
hope that did't take too much either .
thank's OVH

26-09-2014, 17:26
dear support,
i order "Hosting Server - 32G Opteron 4334 SoftRAID 2 x 2 TB" since 22-09-2014 18:04:00 and it was paid on 22/09/2014 a 23:24:38
and i send my id card and utility bill to ""
and nothing happen since that day !!
this is the first time to work with OVH on Dedicated servers i hope there is no thing wrong on my account to complete the order