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Where's my VPS ?

27-09-2014, 21:15
Yup, and that not working at the weekends is another thing I got shocked by.
About that validation process, I read people beed sending proof of address. Will I get an email asking for docs when they get back on Monday? or how is it working ?

27-09-2014, 20:57
OVH UK Staff don't work weekends, hence no response.

In addition to this, VPS orders need to be manually verified, and if this is your first time ordering you also need to go through validation process. Don't expect to get your VPS until Monday at the earliest.

27-09-2014, 20:43
order# 31169579

Ive no replies from support so I decided I'l write here.

What the heck is going on there guys. If I buy VPS and pay by card I rather expect it to be up at maximum
of 2 hours. Its been 13 hours already and nothing. I see from the other posts that this is ongoing situation.
Another thing, if you do not intend to respond to support messages then I think the whole support and contact us
part of the website and manager should be removed to avoid confusions.