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How long to process? Also why is my language French?

30-09-2014, 22:37

I can see that your order 31210231 has completed. Please login to your OVH manager to locate your service.


30-09-2014, 11:04
Danny from OVH has resolved my first 2 issues.

I'm now at a point of 'verifying' myself - can't I use my ID for proof of myself and address?

29-09-2014, 22:46

I ordered a VPS around an hour ago and was wondering how long it would take to deploy?
Order number: 31210231

I've been reading other people's topics and they say that you will need to 'verify' yourself.

On the bottom of my invoice says " We check your payment manually".

Also I noticed when I try and login to the Manager it says "This is not your default login" and transfers me to a French login - how can I change this to UK/English?