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Is the server missing 2x120GB disks?

04-10-2014, 00:28
RAID 1 with 3x 120GB SSDs... Really?

Unless they are OCZ/Crucial SSDs then there's not really any need for that much redundancy :P

03-10-2014, 15:01
Thanks alot for the replies already.

I did a check with "hwinfo --disk" myself to check if they were residing in the system also .. and everything seemed just fine (3 independant disks were listed).

Thanks for the help

03-10-2014, 14:48
You can see a list of drives with

fdisk -l

As the poster above says, they'll be configured in a RAID1 mirror. You can change this during the setup stage.

03-10-2014, 14:46
I received this server few days ago. The default configuration is RAID1 with all 3 drives (which means that the total capacity is 120GB but you have 3 copies of the data).

03-10-2014, 14:19
Dear SYS forum,

I have tried to contact support by their web form but no reply so far even being 3 days ago since I initially sent a message regarding my issue.

I have purchased a server where it clearly said "3x120GB SSD SoftRaid" , but as far as I can tell there is missing 2 disks since I can't find them anywhere on the server that I had delivered.

Here is a partly screenshot from the invoice "SYSIE4201" to show you that I'm not mistaken:

And here is a screenshot from the reinstallation pages from where I'm supposed to install the new system.

Could someone please tell me if I'm mistaken and have to install the disks myself somehow - or how does it work?

Thanks for any reply.

Best regards,