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.ovh domain issues

04-10-2014, 20:25
I expect they have been overwhelmed by the number of support requests.

The whole .ovh process seems to have been a complete shambles. I had to abandon my first attempt at ordering because their website went down while I was in the process of placing the order, then they "sold" me domains I couldn't have, and took nearly two days to tell me about it.

I placed an order for four free .ovh domains on Thursday, and heard nothing else until this morning when I got emails saying they'd been cancelled because "(domain already registred)".

As they were free, I thought I could just order some more, but it seems they've sold out of the 50,000 free ones. I wonder how many of the 50,000 are domains they haven't actually supplied?

03-10-2014, 15:47

I have two open tickets with yourself, and not had any reply to any.

Could you help me?

Your order was paid on 02/10/2014 a 16:42:43

None of the domains have come though, and I'm not getting no reply to my support ticket.

Please help,