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Loyalty scheme

10-04-2008, 15:41
I got a 505 too,

Guess they disabled it until they get the english version up and running

09-04-2008, 12:42
I get a 500 error now, a professional looking 500 error.
Hopefully the wait will be over soon.

09-04-2008, 11:21
Quote Originally Posted by phillip
What does "Option revendeur" mean, I know disabled atm.

The resellers account is not currently active. We are working on implementing this at the moment and this is why the details are written in French. This option will be removed from today to prevent any confusion. We hope to have it with you very soon and we'll keep you posted on its progress.


08-04-2008, 21:48
Quote Originally Posted by phillip
Edit: it's activated now but the instructions are in French
Whats the text ?

08-04-2008, 19:31
Quote Originally Posted by BELLonline
How did you activate the reseller account?
no idea m8, i just went to my manager ->admin ->loyalty scheme and "Option revendeur" wasn't disabled any more.

08-04-2008, 19:16
How did you activate the reseller account?

08-04-2008, 19:03
Quote Originally Posted by S0phie
Revendeur = Reseller
Excellent, I assume the reseller will be rolled out soon, or do i phone and pay the fee to have that activated?

Edit: it's activated now but the instructions are in French any chance of a translation?

08-04-2008, 15:24
Quote Originally Posted by phillip
What does "Option revendeur" mean, I know disabled atm.
Revendeur = Reseller

08-04-2008, 15:17
What does "Option revendeur" mean, I know disabled atm.

08-04-2008, 14:51
The loyalty scheme is now available and you can activate your account in your manager: My services > Loyalty scheme.

You can get points every time you order a service at Ovh (domain, web hosting, server), and you can benefit from our special discount.

1st .uk order at Ovh? Buy one, get one free with your loyalty points

You can currently benefit from our special offer: your .uk domain at 1 for the 1st year.

If you order your .uk domain for the 1st time at Ovh, by activating your loyalty scheme, you get 100% of your order back in points for only 1 for the 1st year. And then you can use your points to buy a second one.

For further details about our 2 new offers, please check our website: http://www.ovh.co.uk/

12-03-2008, 20:02
Quote Originally Posted by OVH.Customer
Can anyone translate this in to English?
It's just as your fidelity card when you go to the supermarket. You buy something, and you get some points. And if you have enough points, you can choose something like an hifi or a stupid pink toothbrush. You know what I mean. In OVH, you win points when you buy a domain, a server,.. and with this points you can pay your orders. 100 points = 1€ PM (on the french site). But it's new (in your manager) and actually under development. Options will be available tomorrow/by days/the next week. In my case, I got 3 points for a .net discount. ^^

12-03-2008, 18:51
Quote Originally Posted by OVH.Customer
Can anyone translate this in to English?
Translation is coming .....

12-03-2008, 18:47
Can anyone translate this in to English?

12-03-2008, 17:16

Order with OVH on a regular basis? So why not earn loyalty points through the loyalty account? For each order you place, you earn points that you can use immediately upon the following order. This will allow you to save money in a simple and easy way, without increasing the ordering process.

How to activate it?


In the manager, go to: My Services > Loyalty Scheme, you activate your account in 1 click and for free. You will then have access to the statements of your account, where you can see all the points you earn at each order. You can also provision the account with money and set the threshold limit. Why? Thanks to the points you earn, you will be able shortly to activate the self-renewal of your domain names.

Find out more: http://www.ovh.co.uk

Click “Manager”

Who is this for?


Everyone can benefit from the Loyalty scheme. No restrictions. No commitments.

How many points?

No matter which order you place, you will earn points based on the amount of the order. Also, you can earn points during monthly sales or during any new services that we will begin to offer.

From when? The limits?


This service will be available from Friday. We are very pleasantly surprised: without any announcement, we have already enabled 500 royalty accounts! And already thousands of points are being earned

There is no time limit for using the points.

Alpha, Beta, Production, Dev


The service is currently in full development. This means that we will be offering more and more options related to this Loyalty scheme like for example the automatic renewal, but it does not stop there. Some options announced in this email are not available yet but will be either today or in a week. And it will continue.