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Account validation is terrible, and SYS doesn't reply to emails. Validate it already!

10-10-2014, 23:59
I will be filing a chargeback on Tuesday, if I don't get contacted.

Edit: The issue is resolved, and I have the server almost 10 days after the order.

10-10-2014, 17:30
Is this forum actually manned?

09-10-2014, 19:18

Loading your current order details...
"Loading your current order details..." is just a static gif.

On my order page, there is a static gif that says my order details are loading, where in fact, it's just a gif animation. Can anyone please contant me with the status of my order??

09-10-2014, 11:32
I will create a new thread, because the sticky doesn't seem to be looked at, at all.

I have placed my order on 4th of this month.

I am asked to confirm my identity, but they have two different support emails. I ask about which one I should be sending the documents to, because obviously, you don't just send such private information to all of the company's addresses.

07 Oct.
My mails are ignored (don't you claim to answer support mails in 4 hours?)

I send the documents to the address I found on this forum - (despite that the auto-generated reply wanted me to send it to the support address. Which you have two of.).
Still no reply. I don't even get any sort of confirmation, that my documents are recieved, nor that the order status has changed.

09.Oct (the day of today).
Getting enough of waiting, I buy skype credit in order to call Tech Support, only to find out that the US phone doesn't go through (just silence).
(Could be a skype problem).

Validate my account already or tell me, in which step of the process my order is.

ID ie6678-sys.