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PSA, Use Distribution Kernel + Java (any version) + Spigot = server hang

09-10-2014, 12:33
Just a little heads up since I have been fighting with this all day yesterday (I offer my apologies for the OVH personnel that had to hard reboot my server 15 times yesterday)

I was trying to move my minecraft server over from the cloud range to a dedicated sys server. And I installed them in Debian with the distribution kernel (custom install, checkbox on)

Then I installed Java and copied over the entire spigot setup etc from the VPS box.

as soon as you start spigot (java -jar spigot.jar) you get some console output, but very quickly the entire server hangs and requires a hard reset.
(I assume this happens on the first garbage collection)

This happens with openjdk7, Sun java 7, Sun java8 so I do not think it is a java issue, but java probably calls a kernel function which causes the issue.

Switching to the non distribution (ovh?sys?) kernel solved this issue for me.

I am just posting this to hopefully help someone else in the future whom might have the same issue.