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Questions about setting up email on domain

10-10-2014, 11:14

The OVH Web Control Panel is only to manage the VPS itself, like reboot and reinstall. If you wanted emails on your VPS I guess you are looking at having a control panel like Plesk, cPanel or could try the OVH Release 3 for free. If you install your VPS with one of these then you will be emailed with the interface to manage your emails.

09-10-2014, 21:43

I have a domain & VPS classic with OVH. I am new to this kind of setup, in the past I have used other hosting companies with some simple setup for the email accounts. However, this time I needed to run java for my webserver and had some special requirements, that's why I went with OVH as they were the cheapest for the VPS classic.

However, i'm really struggling setting up emails. Ideally, my aim (with as little funding as possible), is to:
- Be able to set up a few email accounts (,,, and
- Be able to send and receive emails, through pop or IMAP.

With the other companies i've used this has been easy - usually a case of just adding a new address and getting the pop/imap settings. However, it seems that mailboxes aren't included in what I pay here. I've looked at going into the manager ( and going to emails, but I can't seem to add an address. I've also looked at changing the MX record (To Zoho), but it says I can only have redirections and won't let me. I don't know much about MX records, A records or any of that (Although I do have a degree in computer science - they don't teach these things).

I'm looking for an easy how-to guide, or something I can follow to just set this up. I'm willing to pay for it if I have to, but ideally i'd rather not since with the other companies this all seemed straight forwards and came with the domain. Is roundcube free? I can't seem to log in, so I assume something needs setting up:

Any help is really appreciated - i'm a little bit lost.