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Got a USB Key attached - Cannot install OS onto USB Key?!

11-10-2014, 13:27
Ask here how they did it.

11-10-2014, 12:21
I've got a USB Key attached to my server (16GB in size) and I have server SYS-IP-3

When I attempt to Install VMware ESXi on to the server, it does not give me the option to intall to the USB Key attached to the server. Despite claims this can be done on the SYS and OVH website.

Just wanted to ask am if I am missing something obvious? Or can this not be achieved without the use of a KVM?

I'd rather not have to fork out 20 odd for a days KVM access as I think that is extortion to allow you to do something that is advertised. But if thats what needs to be done then sobeit!

Or is there a profile of sorts I need to be defining somewhere?

Thanks in advance