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Waiting for new Stocks For 4 days Still No Update(s)!!!

14-10-2014, 13:17
Well done, as someone else said, it can take a few days to actually get the server

14-10-2014, 08:49
Got my hands on a " E3-SSD-4 " yesterday paid for it, order is Completed But the, Server preparation and set up is Still in Progress for over 12 hours Now. I got order confirmation & payment confirmation mail but server not delivered yet.

Opened a Support ticket & now waiting for an update ....

13-10-2014, 18:06
Yes I've looked in to OVH 1650v2 with SSD & Mega Raid it costs ~165.58/mo

Though my Site is Ranked ~28 k at the moment it uses a really small amount of bandwidth /sec.May be because of the CDN that I use to deliver most of the images . But I only need a good amount of dedicated Processing power, Anti DDoS & some amount of RAM to manage the data base & WP core & deliver it at best Speed.

I only wanna go with E3-SSD-4 (3x300GB SSD) because it has a great I/O performance. & it doesn't Use any CPU or RAM like on soft raid. (So far what I've learned )

Also I've few other (i.e. .org, .in, .net) sites that runs on same database & runs as mirror site and also pretty much near the main site in rank. So I would want the Processor to be free to totally focus on processing those & not on anything else.

It seems like the Stocks are updating again So, focussing on that. hopefully will get at least one for my this site ...

13-10-2014, 16:38
First come, first server. And only because you ordered one, doesn't mean you get it within 2 minutes. It sometimes takes days due to backlog. Hope that helps you in making your decision.

13-10-2014, 12:17
Quote Originally Posted by marks
Hi Shakib_mir
To be honest, I would be more flexible with the exact specs, specially if you have a deadline. OVH servers have priority for stocks, as they are business grade servers.
To be fair, that's a bit disingenuous, if someone wants 3 x 300GB+ SSDs, their only option is SYS @ 45.90/mo or OVH @ 165.58/mo (base SP-64 with 3 x 480GB SSDs), even if they were prepared to go for 3 x 160GB SSDs that would still be 89.09/mo and the 1620v2 isnt that much better than the 1245v2 making it hard to justify paying twice the price for half the the SSD capacity, maybe if the base model was the 1650v2, but it isn't.

13-10-2014, 11:56
Hi Shakib_mir

unfortunately, we cannot tell you when a particular model will be available. that's all to do with the available hardware on our datacentres. To be honest, I would be more flexible with the exact specs, specially if you have a deadline. OVH servers have priority for stocks, as they are business grade servers.

There is no preordering system either. I'm afraid I can only say that you can keep an eye on the website to available models.

13-10-2014, 11:55
I have been looking for the same server for about a month, when they come into stock they stay in stock for about 3 minutes, so good luck.

13-10-2014, 08:53
After waiting for almost 2 weeks I had my account approved & vat removed (Thanks to Support).

But when I tried to buy server(s) the Stocks seems like have been stuck. I need E3-SSD-4 (which is hard to get I know) . So, I've been waiting for 4 days Now for new Stocks, with high Priority to "essential-servers" Page, And checking almost every minute at times.

I thought of contacting Support but with my previous experience It might time a long time. So I thought of Posting it here. Can anyone from the Support please tell me when will the next shock(s) be Published . I really Need one by 15th Oct.

Also, is there any way I can pre-order a Server before the Stock is available? (it won't matter even if I have to wait for a week or more as long as I know that I'm gonna get one in a specific time .)

And Please let me know when the new Stocks are gonna be here...