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Can I host my domain on my VPS ?

25-10-2014, 22:53
most of the versions come with a built in FTP already there the same details as username and password on port 22. for some reason most people dint know this
yes you can host your own domain on any server from OVH is hosted on the VPS 1 classic for example for dns servers you can use googles or which work very well or

personally if your domain name isnt with OVH id use Googles as its free and quick but if its with OVH id highly highly recommend the anycast package which spread it across 20 or so servers

13-10-2014, 23:23
There's nothing installed on your VPS by default except the basics. You can install and run whatever you want on it (provided it's legal).

For web hosting, you can either install a control panel to make managing it easier (Webmin and ISPConfig are the two major free ones), or you can install a web server like Apache yourself.

For DNS, you can install your own DNS server (control panels will include one), or you can set up a DNS zone with OVH and use their nameservers.

Personally I'd suggest having a go at setting it up yourself - you'll learn a lot more!

13-10-2014, 15:55
Can I host my domain on my VPS ? (and if so , where can I find the DNS servers and the FTP details ?)