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Very High LOAD metric and intermittent service outage

13-10-2014, 19:17
I would like to know if I'm the only one to experience very high usage on my VPS Cloud.

Actually I can't even connect using SSH, but only ping the server.
(And this time we are at 40 min of outage)

Munin graph show's that in a random pattern the cpu usage remain low, but the load raise a lot.
The server is a Cloud 4, so I have 4 Cpu, 8GByte ram ecc...

Cpu usage is always low, I think I've never went over 170%/400% available, most of the time is lower than 50%/400%.
Phisical Ram usage is always very high, but is tuned and so swapping is very rare, the same about the disk usage, except for a very short burst in the night when i do the mysql backup .during the day 500KByte/s is a "high" value (less than 40 I/Os)

Graph are here, is someone would mind to give a very quick view.

By the way I've also openend an incidend ticket 6 days ago.