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What with my server? (Kimsufi)

22-10-2014, 10:26
Please use the following forum to contact our KS team:

As stated here:

21-10-2014, 16:02

14-10-2014, 14:58

I bought one of your Kimsufi servers (order no 30932061). I had paid for it from not my card becouse then I had only cash (I gave the owner money back). I first sent to you my ID, then driving license, and after that copy of the credit card that I used for payment.
Today ends one month and two days after I paid for this server. Three days ago, after reminder, I got from your support this mail:
Thank you, I will pass this onto our validations department and update you as soon as I receive a response.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other queries regarding this or any other issue.
Despite this yesterday i got information that my order was cancelled becouse:

Further to the BC 30932061 order, the delay between the payment of the order and receiving documents for confirmation of the order has been several days , your order is canceled.
When I answered to this mail, your staff member said:
Your order was cancelled yesterday by our validation team.
I don't know why you cancelled my order after month despite that i sent to you all data that you want.
Also I don't know where are my money.

I wrote this on OVH forum becouse on Kimsufi no one would answer me.

Can you help me?