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SMTP smarthost available for VPS customers?

14-10-2014, 22:07
I want to use my VPS to foward emails sent to various usernames at my domain to friends and family who use gmail etc, so I've set up the MX records for it. Unfortunately a lot of spam is still getting through the greylisting I set up and my VPS' IP has been blocked by gmail and Yahoo. Do OVH provide a smarthost for VPS customers? I found a guide which said the secure email server is, using SSL/TLS on port 465. I tested that from home (not using the VPS) and couldn't authenticate. I tried the email address I registered for logging in to managerv3 and my "new" manager login with and without -ovh at the end. None of them worked. The manager won't let me create a mailbox on the domain I registered with OVH for use with the VPS either.