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Strange email

21-10-2014, 16:20
It's probably just a bug, or simply login to your panel, and check tickets to see if u have any message.
Also, half of emails from ovh are on France, and half are on english. I think it's not possible to all of them be on english.. it up to them to fix that and change that.

17-10-2014, 10:02
i got an email today. Dont know whats this about, but using Google translator i figured its some message sent to me, but upon clicking on the link it takes me to a page. but cant see anything. Any help from anyone is appreciated.

Also would like to know if the language of the email can be changed to English, so as if i receive any communications in future, they would be in English -
45 Upper Mount Street,
Dublin 2

Madame, Monsieur,


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