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OVH Storage 216TB SERVER! :D

20-11-2014, 18:48
It took about that long for me because i needed a custom RAID setup and i run on Windows not linux so i was having allot of issues with Windows 2TB max disk space limit and when you have 72TB being limited to 2TB of disk space is a major downfall.

But it was fixed with a Raid 1 setup for C:/ drive to mirror the OS partition and a Raid 6 setup for D:/ drive what becomes the rest of the storage space 46TB or something like that.

I was looking to get a bigger storage server 1/4 of a petabyte like they did have up for sale at one point but i cant dive into it anymore.

As of the FS-MAX servers Danny said to me this
The storage server is for performance backup normal SATA dries is not available.
So since you cant order normal hard drives or hard drives as large as 6TB each it is of no use to me either

I think the largest hard drive you can buy with the FS-MAX server is 3TB

06-11-2014, 01:59
How long did it take for your 72TB server to be provisioned?

I have been a customer of OVH for nearly a year now, and never had any issues, but its been nearly 3 weeks since I placed my order

19-10-2014, 01:05
When the price was up i think it said 1k before tax just curious when we will be able to purchase these or they will be in stock

Currently i have a 72TB server but with the vast amounts of data i consume i rapidly need another. i don't think it would take me very long to reach a petabyte.

144TB Server = 699 excluding VAT
Monthly cost : 838.80

216TB Server = 1080 excluding VAT
Monthly cost : 1296.00

It is amazing that OVH will be selling servers with a quarter of a petabyte of storage Can't wait to get myself one hope OVH makes them avaliable soon (Christmas present ?)