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Bridging FO IPs for VMs. Please help

25-10-2014, 22:25
have you generated a Mac address in your "so you start" control panel? OVH use mac address filtering with ips to stop other people stealing other peoples ip addresses. you then add your Mac address to the network setting on the bridged connection setting in the VM settings (not inside the VM but inside the VM settings) then you should have access to the internet

19-10-2014, 04:16
Hello, any help on this would be great,.

i am following

i am having some confusing issues here regarding virtual management for so you start, i have a windows 2012 server with virtual box set up attempting to allow bridging connection to the vm using a fail over ip as a main ip for that vm. The vm has windows 2012 on it also.

I am getting no network connection externally and cant ping the ip or the gateway. on the vm.

the details for the dedicated servers TCP/IPv4 is

IP address : main IP
subnet :
Default gateway : Main IP.254

the details for the VM TCP/IPv4 is

IP address : Fail over IP
subnet :
Default gateway : Main IP.254