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Another SYS server suspended

21-10-2014, 17:28
Sombady should suit OVH, then, maby they would start thinking what are they doing.. (actualy what they are not doing, but they should).
It should probably be class action law suit.. maby it will fix something

21-10-2014, 13:34
Quote Originally Posted by S0phie
What's your nichandle?
Thanks, but is has already been sorted, as expected it came back on but I was still a day without service. It won't happen again.

In the three months I have tried to move back some serious business services to OVH having spent the last two years using a quarter rack in the UK when we moved away the first time because of out bad experiences. I was hoping that in the last couple of years things had improved.

A bad error of judgement on my part that will not be repeated, I've now contracted in to a half rack and this time everything from my different clients accounts will be being moved.

The PCC incident showed if anything OVH is not a company I WANT to do business with. There is no sense of anything approaching fair play.

Even when not using OVH seriously, I've probably been spending a good 200 a month over different accounts for the last 5 years+.

You may sit back smiling with the extra $$$ you have had from the PCC but you now won't be getting the 200 a month you have been for years.

On paper OVH looked like they were progressing, in reality they have gone backwards.

20-10-2014, 15:43
What's your nichandle?

19-10-2014, 10:30
OVH have just suspended another one of my SYS servers.

It was up for renewal, I paid it yesterday, even paid twice by paying via paypal too when I didn't get the invoice. Still no invoice and this morning the server is suspended.

I've had this server for months and paid for it off the same card since day dot.

This is the second server this has happened with in a week.

Tomorrow I will have to ring them and they will apologize and say there system flagged up a false positive for my billing and switch it back on.

In the meantime I will be without service for a day, somehow the blame will be transferred to me.

I'm beginning to think its because I badmouthed them over the 1400 they are ripping me for on the PCC.