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Payment reversed

22-10-2014, 17:59
Thanks for the reply. I had already sent an email also , but havent received any replies yet. Its now 54 hrs since i sent the email.
I had contacted PayPal also was the reply , so i guess there wont be any issues in the future.

22-10-2014, 11:41
All your orders seems ok to me. However you can you send an email to with your PayPal transaction numbers so they can investigate further if you want.

21-10-2014, 15:01
Just a reminder that i haven't heard back from you till now and its already 24 hrs now.
I can see that 3 staff members logged in after i posted this thread and they have made replies to other tickets.

20-10-2014, 12:38
Just a few minutes ago i ordered a server and paid for it using PayPal.
The server got delivered and i was about to start installations when i received another message from my bank that the payment was reversed by PayPal. And i got the amount credited back to my card also ( which normally takes some 2-3 days).
But in PayPal account its still showing as paid and doesn't have anything about the transaction being reversed.

So would like to know what should i do now. Should i make the payment again or is this a glitch.
So if anyone from SYS can confirm the receipt of the payment it would be helpful, or else let me know so that i can make the payment again.
Didnt want to make a double payment that's why i am asking for a confirmation before paying again.

SYS ID ka102563-sys
Order ID 31977789
Invoice no SYSIE5085