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Server speed?

21-10-2014, 06:12
Ok thanks for the answer.

20-10-2014, 21:29
It means, you should be able to use at least 250 MBps but sometimes more - if there is free capacity - namely up to 1 GBps. I was getting between 200-600 MBps, once I did a backup from OVH server.

20-10-2014, 18:32
No, it's not Dedicated, it's shared. The Bandwidth is 250Mbps, meaning your upload is 250Mbps, download is 1GBPS I believe.

20-10-2014, 18:00
Hello, may i know all server is dedicated 1Gbps?

"Network connection 1 Gbps
Bandwidth 250 Mbps"

What is that mean?