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Windows HyperV 2012 R2 and OVH Failover IP

20-10-2014, 19:23
Hi everyone,

Good day.

I am having hard time to get things setup as what I have expected. FYI I have subscribed 3 servers from OVH:
- 2 dedicated server (Install HyperV 2012 R2)
- 1 storage server (Act as SMB File Server)

I have successfully clustered both HyperV servers and able to create VMs in SMB shares, tested live migration and everything works fine.

Next I wish to start configure the VMs to have external access, hence ordered failover IP from OVH .... and my nightmare begins ....

First trial
- Request VMAC for 1 failover IP, set static MAC, configure IP in VM, everything works fine.
- Live migrate the VM to another host, CANT ACCESS to external / public
- Lesson learn: the failover IP is owned by certain host, hence the IP will not works if VM moved to another host. Unless you manually move the failover IP group, but this doesn't meet my HA design.

Second trial
- Request VMAC for 2 failover IPs (1 from host A, 1 from host B)
- Added additional VNIC to the VM, set static MAC for both adapters accordingly and configure IP address for both VNIC
- My HyperV cluster network seems start to have intermittent issues where my virtual switch seems disconnected in random time ...

I have been keep trying to setup just an ordinary HyperV cluster in order to provide high availability for my VMs ... it was so easy and simple when building this solution in datacenter .... but it seems so complicated and hard in OVH

Any master can provide me suggestions / solutions?

Thanks !!!