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"OVH Anti-hack rescue" questions

26-10-2014, 12:46
Quote Originally Posted by Junky
You can just revert it back to "Boot from Hard drive" from the SYS panel.
How? It doesnt allow me to do anything unless i press Confirm but i actually afraid of it. Do i really need to confirm "HACKED" and would it be really possible to revert it so?

UPD: done. On my own risk, but thanks a lot for reply!

26-10-2014, 12:36
You can just revert it back to "Boot from Hard drive" from the SYS panel.
It's free and you dont need to pay extra, happened to me twice because of VPS users that tried to DDoS with it.

26-10-2014, 00:08

I have a couple of questions about that boot mode.

1) What will happen if i press Confirm in my dashboard?

2) Can i restore my machine to normal working under installed OS without backups, reinstallations and etc? Actually all the things happened with my server done by me and it was a security test, thats so.

The tool i had to run is written by me and caused too many connection requests to differrent IP addresses and i know that is the problem (as i have read about causes of antihack mode turning-on in other posts about it on this forum).

If there is a requirement to pay any fines for my actions, i am ready to do so instead of losing my data, time and damaging my service...

So if its possible to restore my machine back, i will be really appreciative if someone from tech support had to read this post help me out. Here is my nic-handle: kv8307-sys and here is my machine IP address:

3) Why do i see only one of two partitions of my disk in ftp folder? If i still need to reinstall my OS, i need to back up all the data from a second partition too...
I also cannot find some files actually used by processes run on my server (such as MSSQL database files and etc).

Thanks in advance!