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URGENT. Servers suspended but we can not pay as usual!

30-10-2014, 11:47

For this particular issue, please contact SYS support directly to resolve this case.


29-10-2014, 19:07
emails did not missed.
Payment link in emails did not work as before(previous monthes). On this link was download invoice in .pdf format but payment method do not work(no link to pay from paypal or cc)!
Also in panel did not work "Renew", we checked all panel menu and did not find how to pay for server.
After you did some changes in panel we paid this servers, but servers Expiry date 30/11/2014 and "Renew" do not work again.

29-10-2014, 11:12
I can see that your servers were renewed on the 16th automatically, and you were sent reminders to clear that outstanding amount till , after 13 days, the servers were suspended.

You must have missed the emails reminders

28-10-2014, 23:14
Have you tried clicking the 'Renew' button in the manager? I renewed my server yesterday using this method.

28-10-2014, 13:34
You changed payment methods and suspended our servers. We want to pay for our servers but can not to do this!
Please unsuspend our servers as soon as possible and give information how we can pay for servers.
[SUSPENSION] Your server has just been suspended
[SUSPENSION] Your server has just been suspended

We read this, but prolong do not work for us!