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SYS - Please help to setup nameservers/domain

30-10-2014, 07:38
Okey marks,i don't have any dns server running on ESXI so it looks good right now.

Thank you very much.

29-10-2014, 14:09
well, keep in mind the way secondary DNS works (if your main IP of the server doesn't have a DNS server running on it that resolves your domain, the secondary DNS server won't be working).

If I understand properly, you also said that you want to 2 IPs on the same VM, and use them as primary and secondary DNS for your domain. It may work, but it's not very recommendable (it's defeating the purpose of having 2 different DNS servers for the domain - if one dies, the other one will go on).

29-10-2014, 12:10
Hello marks,

i gotcha how it works and i changed Plesk VM as primary DNS server so i figure it out.
I just wanna use the same machine as secondary dns server because it's a requirement for .eu domains.
My sys panel says domain: dns: and ip: *.*.*.251 which points to Plesk VM primary dns server. (The same machine).
I added to registar as 2nd nameserver this: with ip: to bypass the requirement.So my last question is about if it's gonna be a problem or not.If yes,can you define what need to change?

By the way i can use my own nameservers now and i can manage them from plesk.

Ps: Using secondary dns for *.*.*.251 only yes,it won't be added elsewhere.

Thank you very much for your fast reply!

29-10-2014, 10:15
First of all, just say that the secondary DNS we offer for free can only do one thing: try to get the domain zone transfer from the main IP of the server, not extra IPs.

So, the way secondary DNS option works is that for each domain setup, the secondary DNS will try to synchronise the DNS zone with the server (the primary DNS server). It cannot do this sync with any other IP on the server (like a VM running pleask).

For what you say, you seem to want to use Plesk on your VM to manage your domains, so I would recommend to use your Plesk VM as primary DNS server and then setup another DNS server to act as secondary. For this secondary, you could setup another VM that act just like that.

Also, if you want to use nameservers for your domain (say in the form of and, you'll have to setup the glue records.

Let us know if you need anything else.

29-10-2014, 05:20
i am facing a problem and i can't add my nameservers correctly.I am getting the following error: Error: Data management policy violation
That means i couldn't assign and eu domain requires 2 nameservers with different ips.

My currently setup is:
-I have bought 2 ip addresses and i added them with same mac to vps of my dedi server. IP's : *.*.*.251 and *.*.*.80
-I have added Secondary DNS from sys panel so it's which points to *.*.*.251
-VPS has plesk installed and i have added the domain with the default dns template.

My ESXI dedi server:
Reverse: ns******.ip-***-*** which points to my principal ip *.*.*.14.

So i have added to godaddy's dns panel the followings and my name servers got accepted :
Nameserver 1: ns******.ip-***-*** which points to IP: *.*.*.251
Nameserver 2: which points to IP:

Added to GoDaddy's DNS Zone File:
-TXT record for my secondary dns.

With this setup i can see but nothing else.What need to do to manage my .eu domain from plesk panel?I added to plesk some subdomains and alliases and they didn't work.I removed all things from Godaddy's DNS Zone File except TXT record.

Should i add to registar Nameserver 1: ns******.ip-***-*** to point to IP: *.*.*.80
and to point to IP: *.*.*.251?

Also i need to do all of that things on every domain or can i use my

Sorry i got a bit confused.Can any1 help me?

I just wanna work like this:
1. Buying a domain from any provider
2. Add as nameservers
3. Add the domain to plesk panel
4. Manage subdomains,aliases and all stuff from plesk

Thanks a lot.