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New server reboots randomly, dont know where to get help

TR Hosting
02-11-2014, 13:12

My order number is: 32140933

I am using distro kernel (now using proxmox kernel for testing but the error still occurs)

31-10-2014, 13:40
What kernel are you running? OVH kernel or distro kernel?

We had this issue and it was the OVH kernel causing it, would always recommend you use the distro kernel and not the OVH kernel.

31-10-2014, 12:16
leave your order number or nic-handle

TR Hosting
31-10-2014, 11:32

We are a new customer of SYS and trying the services they are giving.

We ordered a new server and installed debian linux to try the services. But server is rebooting randomly and immediately. We tried to reinstall the os. Although it is a new fresh install server is still rebooting at random times.

Where can i get help for this?
It seems a hardware issue. I know servers are self managed but afaik there is a hardware replace sla.

I tried to send a message from contact us link at the site but still waiting.

Is there a support or ticket system?